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Laboratoire Gulliver, Room F314
10 rue Vauquelin
75005 Paris 
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Matthieu Labousse

A new PhD position is available [see here] !

I am a theoretical physicist and have recently joined ESPCI Paris as a CNRS researcher. My research are carried out in the Physical-Chemistry Theory (PCT) division in the laboratory Gulliver. I combine numerical and theoretical (and sometimes even experimental!) approaches to investigate the physics of self-organization in complex systems including: 

I am starting new activities leveraging collective effects in disordered environments. Motivated PhD candidates (with a experimental or theoretical profile) are the most welcomed! 

Would you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

FQXI workshop 2017
Marseille France, EU, July 11-13th 2017


Collective behavior of optomechanical cascaded networks: the mechanical motion of millimeter-sized cascaded optomechanical disks integrated onto a single chip can be locked in frequency and phase thanks to light . It is a first step towards optomechanical networks at a quantum scale.

See Gil-Santos et al. Phys Rev. Lett. (2017)

We investigate the dynamics of a deterministic self-propelled particle endowed with coherent memory. We evidence experimentally and numerically that it exhibits several stable free states. This feature emerges both from the spatiotemporal nonlocality of this path memory dynamics as well as the wave nature of the driving mechanism.

See Bacot et al. Phys Rev. Lett. (2019)


CNRS & ESPCI Paris, PSL university

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